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This ThermiVA quiz includes questions that are going to let you know whether ThermiVa is right for you. In our previous blog post, we mentioned what Kegels are, and is ThermiVA a right alternative? Before starting the quiz, we would like you to know more about ThermiVA. So if there’s any ambiguity in your mind, it can be answered right away.thermiVA QuizThermiVA is the latest technology that uses radio-frequency energy to gently heat tissue to reclaim, restore and revive feminine wellness. It uses a special wand applicator that may be applied externally to labial and vulvar tissues to restore normal tissue tone and function. So unlike kegels ThermiVA can actually fix the outer appearance of the vagina as well. The specially designed hand piece may also deliver radio-frequency energy inside the vagina to revive atrophic tissue and other structures. If you’re tired of doing kegels, the great thing about this procedure is how quick and easy it is. All it requires is short 30 minute sessions one month apart with no anesthesia, and then you are done. People usually see noticeable results after just the 1st or 2nd session. It requires no-downtime and is considered virtually pain free. One may resume normal activities as soon as the procedure has been completed, including sexual intercourse. We have many patients rave about the results that they have received from ThermiVA. Want to learn more about ThermiVA, click here.Feel free to answer the following ThermiVA quiz and at the bottom of these quiz we have suggestions for you based on the results.

ThermiVA Quiz

Question: How would you rate your level of sexual desire?

1. Very Low 2. Low 3. Moderate 4. Very High

Question: Has your relationship with your partner been adversely affected due to childbirth or the natural aging process?

1. Definitely 2. Somewhat 3. Minimally 4. Not at all

Question: How would your rate your sexual satisfaction during intercourse?

1. Poor 2. Fair 3. Good 4. Excellent

Question: How confident are you about becoming aroused during sexual activity?

1. No confidence 2. Very low confidence 3. Moderate confidence 4. Very confident

Question: Do you experience discomfort during intercourse due to dryness?

1. Yes, I avoid sex 2. Often 3. Sometimes 4. Rarely or never

Question: Do you frequently experience urinary leaking or urgency?

1. Usually 2. Sometimes 3. Rarely 4. Never

Question: How would you rate your vaginal tightness?

1. Very loose 2. Moderately loose 3. Moderately tight 4. Very tightIf you scored a “1” or “2” on any of the questions above in ThermiVA quiz, we recommend you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dima M.D.Schedule An Appointment If you are interested in a ThermiVA, come visit our office 1801 Robert Fulton Dr. Suite 540 Reston, VA 20191. Call 703.787.9866 to set up a consultation with Board Certified Cosmetic Laser Surgeon Dr. Dima M.D. We look forward to seeing you!
* This article was written by Tracey Neale and Samara Martin-Ewing *It’s liposuction without surgery. Roberta Flack does it. Super-models do it, but should you? “Mesotherapy,” or “Meso” as some call it, is a French weightless treatment women in Europe and Brazil have been “secretly” doing for 50 years.The procedure consists of a series of little shots that are said to melt fat away, but it’s what’s “in” the syringes that has “some” doctor’s concerned.Dick Neely had a problem with his love handle area. Those love handles aren’t weighing him down anymore, however. Dick is a part of a growing trend; men and women hoping the controversial treatment, Mesotherapy, will shrink their fat cells until they just melt away and they will not have to resort to Lipsuction.“It’s great for the lower third of the face, for the neck for example. … I’ve done it on areas like the front bulge near the bra area…the inner and outer thighs…and buttocks, and inner knees,” Dr. Dima Ali said.Dr. Ali uses a complex cosmetic cocktail of drugs and vitamins. Each “designer dose” is conjured up specifically for each patient. He uses artichoke extract, which is artfully injected right into the “Meso” or “middle layer of the skin.”The procedure’s primary side effects are a transient burning and itching. But everybody is inevitably going to get swelling and bruising.There’s another problem, says Dr. Tina Alster. The drug, while FDA approved for other uses, are not approved for weight loss. And depending on who creates your cocktail, they might include asthma and high blood pressure medication.“There are a lot of controversies with Mesotherapy. Including is it safe? Is it effective? How long term is it?,” Dr. Alster says.But none of that scares Julie Short. She swears by the shots. “Dr. Ali rocks!,” she said.Judging from Julie’s before and after photos. She explains, “Basically I have these rolls here that were very bothersome to me.” It’s always been a problem. I was actually 30 pounds less than I am now at one point in my life, and I still had that problem,” she said.Dr. Alster says, “I don’t think Mesotherapy right now is real medicine. That doesn’t mean with time and proper testing in the long term analysis of the tests that it couldn’t be.”Dick says it took only two treatments to rid his waist of the inches he’d spent years trying to exercise off. A regiment he knows he must continue. “I think if you do this you don’t do it alone. You do the Mesotherapy but you also still exercise and maintain good nutrition. And it will enhance the results of the treatment that you will get.”Although the needles are small, they are not painless for everyone. There is no anesthesia. A local numbing cream is used before treatment.There are only 500 American doctors who offer Meso right now. Including Dr. Ali in Reston. Insurance does not pick up the tab. This is considered cosmetic surgery even though you don’t actually go under the knife like you do with liposuction. And the price tag can run $400 to $800 a session. We should also note Dr. Ali says Mesotherapy is not for the obese. She prefers to do the procedure on those who are no more than 30 to 40 pounds overweight. Learn more about Mesotherapy by Dr. Ali at WellMedica.

Laser Liposuction How to lose weight fast Dr. Dima with an actual patient

Breast Cancer Awareness: It’s More Than a Month

Every October you see the pink ribbons and hear about Breast Cancer Awareness, but are you actually being aware of your risk and taking measures for early detection? Each year over 200,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s more than wearing pink for a month, in order to prevent yourself from being one of over 40,000 women in the United States dying of breast cancer each year, you need to take action and keep up with your breast health all year long.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

There are signs and symptoms of breast cancer that everyone should be aware of, however the presence of these do not automatically mean you have breast cancer. If you notice any of the following signs or symptoms, always speak to a healthcare professional to be sure.
  • A change in the appearance of your breast or nipple, such as dimpling on the breast, breast swelling or shrinkage (especially if only on one breast), or red, scaly or swollen skin on the nipple, areola or breast.
  • Nipple discharge, especially clear or bloody.
  • A change in the feel of your breast or nipple, such as breast tenderness, change in the texture of the skin or lumping.For more information on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. visit

Who is at a higher risk of getting breast cancer?

According to the CDC, “most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older”, however age doesn’t define those affected by breast cancer. Of the new diagnoses of breast cancer in the United States, nearly 10% occur in women under 45. Age isn’t the only factor either, there are other factors that can potentially put those at a higher risk of getting breast cancer, such as family history, taking oral contraceptives, breast density and more.For more information on risk factors of breast cancer visit

How do I get tested for breast cancer?

There are many ways to get tested for breast cancer, clinical breast examinations, mammograms and ultrasound examinations, as well as recommended self-breast exams once a month. Mammograms are recommended to be performed every 1-2 years in women 40 years or older, however if you are at an increased risk you may opt to have them done sooner.See the steps below on how to perform regular monthly self-breast exams:breastexambreastexamSource:

Men CAN get breast cancer!

It is a common misconception that only women can get breast cancer, however (although unlikely) less than 1% of those diagnosed with breast cancer are men.At WellMedica our goal is to empower your to look and feel better, we proudly support the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness and strongly encourage everyone to stay on top of their health – both breast-related and beyond!
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