The first and most important cause for an imbalance is what we eat. This includes chemicals, GMOs, processed foods, refined foods, gluten, and even some dairy.

Your Health Begins in the “Gut”

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Over the past several years a vast amount of research has been done into “Gut Health” also known is the microbiome. The greatest of all pays homage to the great Hippocrates, “disease begins in the gut”. There are over a trillion different bacteria in our bodies and most of them reside in out gastrointestinal tract. This balance of bacteria in the GI tract is what we refer to as the Gut Microbiome. This is a delicate balance that when it becomes out of balance we are more vulnerable to illness and disease.

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How can your gut become unbalanced?

The first and most important cause for an imbalance is what we eat. This includes chemicals, GMOs, processed foods, refined foods, gluten, and even some dairy. For example; when antibiotics are found in the feed of chickens these antibiotics will rest in the muscle of the animal and then when we eat them the proteins are broken down and we/ our guts are exposed to these antibiotics. Then there is the use and over use of oral antibiotics for a number of decades. Antibiotics kill most all bacteria especially the beneficial bacteria in our GI tract. With that being said there will always be a need for such medications but there are a number of ways to help protect the delicate balance with in your GI tract. These are just 2 of the biggest things that impact our overall gut health.

How do we test your Microbiome?

The best and easiest way to test and evaluate your overall gut health is to some comprehensive stool test. We use a specialty lab that will test your stool for good bacteria, bad/pathogenic bacteria, proteins, amino acids, fungus, parasites, and overall health. With all of that we are also able to see how efficient your guy is working based on how will you are absorbing and breaking down your food. This kind of testing gives Dr. Dima a great look into your overall health and wellness.

How would we treat?

That is where the personalized aspect of functional/ integrative medicine comes in. Depending on what the results are we would recommend everything from diet and lifestyle modifications, to nutraceuticals that you can only by from a phyisican’s office, to intravenous (IV) therapies.


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