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Patients may have one or multiple skin tags, and almost EVERYONE will develop these non-benign bumps at some point in their life.

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Acne is the most common skin problem in the United States, and is treatable through a variety of different methods and acne treatment.

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We treat the appearance and removal of these warts with a series of medications, no-downtime lasers, and medical advice from our doctor.

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We provide skin care and medical services including the treatment for birthmark and mole removal.

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Reston Virginia Dermatology Medical Spa & Wellness Center

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Keloid Scar Treatment at WellMedica

At WellMedica we know how difficult it can be to develop a keloid scar. It can leave many self-conscious, and frustrated. A lot is still unknown about this skin condition, but here at WellMedica we offer a series of information on keloid scarring as well as treatment.

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How to Prevent Skin Cancer

Most people like to get a little sun. It can relax us, boost our spirits, and give us a nice natural glow. The problem is that these benefits can come with some deadly negatives, like the possibility of getting skin cancer. Skin cancer is extremely common with almost a million new skin cancers diagnosed every year. According to another study 1 in 5 Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime. The good news is that if it’s caught early enough it is almost always curable. There are also so many different methods in order to prevent skin cancer which hopefully will allow individuals to never have to experience it.

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A Patient’s Skin Cancer Story – What Does Dr. Dima and Loreana Bobbit Have in Common?

WellMedica strongly supports Skin Cancer Awareness Month, also known as Melanoma May. In honor of this extremely important month we would like to share one of our favorite patient stories. These story shares their experience with WellMedica, skin cancer, and what Dr. Dima has in common with Loreana Bobbit.

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